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Message from our founders

Mr. KR Sharma


At a young age of 18, K.R. Sharma started working in the logistics and transportation industry as a floor supervisor and went on to establish one of the leading logistics businesses in the country. Focused on attention to details and systematic approach along with 32 years of domain expertise, he ensures smooth working of operations till floor level, with an exceptional command over 6 different regional languages from different parts of the country.

Mr.Vinod Sharma

(Founder & Managing Director)

Mr. Vinod Sharma is the Founder and Managing Director of Axpress Group. He started this journey at a very young age by delivering door to door service in the courier industry. He envisioned the growth of this organization by struggling and working hard in the initial years and has helped build this company from scratch. When he had nothing in the beginning, his will and determination to make Axpress an international brand with the highest level of services and customer satisfaction, have helped him gain the stature he owns now. His broad minded approach towards business, changing and adapting the market trends with his unique, creative and innovative ideas and multitasking abilities have fueled the growth and success of the Axpress Group. His visionary approach has helped Axpress gain new verticals in the supply chain and packaging products domain He is also a sports enthusiast and is Chairman of the Ball Badminton Federation of India and President of the Dragon boat Federation of India. Besides this he actively promotes social causes and serves the society from various platforms, one of which is Initiative for Moral and Cultural Training Foundation, and is the President for the same.